I'll Help You Gain More Potential Customers, Boost Sales, And Enhance Customer Loyalty By Sending Emails That Your Customers GENUINELY Want To Read.

Are you running sales to your list with low conversions?Do you keep talking about your product, but nobody seems interested?Is your customer engagement getting lower and lower each month?

These are signs that your email mail list is being burned.Copywriting isn't about pushing out emails to reach a certain quantity in turn devaluing your brand.Here, we are about quality.It is my mission to churn out the best possible copy for your most valuable asset which is your email list.From the mistake of sending emails to customers just for them to feel spammed.That's why it is important to understand your target audience.Now, let's pivot.

Who am I?

My name is Moon.

I'm a freelance copywriter who's phenomenal at creating emails that connect with the people you want to reach. AKA customers and potential customers.You might think... hmmHe's got a unique name.A unique name comes with unique experiences.I will give you a unique experience.Let's think about it.When a brand seems to know all about the customer and what's unique to them.It creates a personal connection.Have you ever heard of 1000 true fans?"1000 True Fans" means having a small but devoted group of supporters who can sustain a career by consistently buying their work.Cultivating that personal connection is what makes a customer loyal.It's all in human psychology.My job is to make your customers LOVE you.Your life is your story, similar to a book or a movie. How it unfolds depends on how we choose to narrate it.Every single person has their own story.Your customers want to hear YOUR story.The business that YOU built from the ground up.Whether you're a DTC Brand or an e-commerce business that needs email marketing, landing pages, website copy, SMS, etc.I treat each brand with its own strategy and approach to make your brand unique to you.How you sell your product, how your customer demographic likes to be spoken to, and even your company mission.The way that story is told is the difference between your business being a 5X business as opposed to a 10X business.You have a valuable asset.
Your email list.
Let's give it the respect it deserves.Now that we have acquainted ourselves.Enter your information now that you're ready to kickstart your email marketing to the Moon 🚀

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